Materiality Assessment

Orion Office REIT is committed to engaging with our stakeholders on a regular basis. In 2023, we conducted our first materiality assessment to identify key ESG focus areas that are of most importance to our stakeholders and to our business. Our approach consisted of identifying key factors from top ESG raters and rankers. We also reviewed our top investors and their stewardship principles. We engaged with over 80 internal and external stakeholders representing our tenants, employees (including our executive officers) and our Board of Directors to obtain input on which ESG topics are most important for Orion to address in setting corporate strategy and policies.

The results of the assessment provide valuable insight into our stakeholders’ key ESG priorities. The results were reviewed by Orion’s Board of Directors and will inform our ESG strategy going forward.

Key Takeaways

  • The results of the materiality assessment indicate general alignment between the issues that internal and external stakeholders identify as significant, with both groups identifying the areas related to human capital management and areas related to business governance as important.
  • The individual topics of most significance to stakeholders according to the results of the materiality assessment are “Business Ethics”, “Creating shareholder value and financial performance”, “Employee Training & Career Development”, “Fair Employment Opportunity” and “Data Privacy & Cybersecurity”.
Materiality Assessment graphic identifying key ESG focus areas that are of most importance to Orion’s stakeholders and business.